OTvar player Script

Where to find/how to download/install the OTvar Player?

It is one of Rainer’s scripts, here:

Thanks George

Is there by any chance also a tutorial how to install/use these scripts since it’s not a plugin but a code I am assuming? (I have no experience so far with python/code)

One way to do it: download the Zip file available under the Code button in the GitHub repository to your computer. Then, from the excellent Glyphs handbook:
You can make Python scripts accessible from inside the application if you put them into the Scripts folder inside the Application Support folder of Glyphs. The quickest way to get there is to choose Script > Open Scripts Folder (Cmd-Shift-Y). You can arrange your scripts in subfolders. After you have placed .py files there, you can hold down the Option key and choose Script > Reload Scripts (Cmd-Opt-Shift-Y). The scripts should then show up in the Scripts menu.

Got it!

Thanks a lot George!

The installation instructions are on the GitHub page of the scripts: