Out now: Glyphs 2 Handbook

Clocking in at 196 pages, the new Glyphs 2.2 Handbook is out. You can download the PDF on the Get Started page. Have fun.


Thank You!

Thanks to everyone involved in its production.

Thanks to the whole team and everyone involved !

Great work and thank you!

Great! Thanks!

The handbook is awesome. Thanks, Rainer.

Thank you (et al) for your hard work to publish this—what an incredibly helpful resource!

Thank you for the new handbook! I got started.

The fruit of your labor now lives! Thanks, Rainer!

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Thanks! It’s great!

This is lovely, but could we please have PDF bookmarks for the table of contents? (turn on “Create PDF Bookmarks” in the TOC menu in InDesign.)

This option has never worked for me, and in this case always created a mess. I can try again for the upcoming update.