Out of the Box

Hi all,

I was try to clean up my font and I found something questionable:


It seems that in some of my styles the Alignment Zones are out of the “Box”(?!). Could that causes problems? Whats the Reason? what have I to do?

The max value of a zone is 19 units
and the min space between two Zones is one unit


It doesn’t cause any trouble. It’s just that the stems around the zone will be aligned to its original height, just as any other zones.

I think the zone height should be from 1 to 25 (though you can set higher), so yours seem perfectly fine.

ok, sounds good.

I would say Glyphs could be more “intuitive” to set a organic system of alignment-zones … but for now I don’t know realy how. Maybe some kind of visualization through the master ?!


What do you mean by intuitive and organic? By clicking and dragging in the edit view?

yes, for example by clicking and dragging
(somebody teached me a trick with a glyph [see screenshot, then you adjust the zones etc]),

but also in the info-panel. maybe some kind of preview.

Click and drag on the edit view is not going to happen. You only need to set them once and then you only existentially changed them.

If you have drawn your glyphs then the circle button will set the zones automatically.

And if you have an edit view behind the font info view, you see the alignment zones (after clicking in the edit view).


you right, you have to set the zone at the beginning and probably not even more. I will try the “auto-suggest” cicle button for that.