Outline changes for all the glyphs of secondary layer

is it possible to make changes (like slanting or scaling) to the secondary layer for whole glyphs set? or, as an alternative solution is there a simple way to swap main layer with secondary layer, make the changes on outlines for all glyphs, and then make the layer secondary again? also is there an easy way to copy/paste metrics data to the secondary layer from the main?

what do you mean with secondary layer? The background or a layer copy?

the layer copy

The things you describe are easy to do with the background. There is a swap with background command.

If you want to do that with another layer, it is more difficult because you need to specify which layer exactly (could be any number, not just a second one), so for the exchange operations you would have to write a little script.

right, it would be much easier with background. the thing is I’m working with Bubble Kern tool by @Tosche and the bubbles are at the separate layer. if I would be able to transfer Bubble layer to the background of master that would help already because then I can edit them alltogether. I was trying to do this with your set of Master scripts but didn’t manage to find a solution so far.

I could add scripts that back up and restore the background to and from another layer. Then you could move the bubbles out of the way temporarily.

What exactly do you like to do with what layer?

@mekkablue, that would be superhelpful. @GeorgSeifert I have two layers in my Medium weight font, main is a master and another layer is called Bubble and contains outlines for kern bubbles. I want to re-use my bubbles for another weights and styles. So for Light I wanted to copy them all to another file, set up the same spacing as for Light Master and adjust the shapes of bubbles according to Light lettershapes. I was able to make first step by copying lettershapes, metrics and anchors from Light file to Medium file which has the bubbles already, so the bubbles layer is preserved. And two last steps - metrics change and adjusting shapes I’m doing manually, adjusting shapes will be always needed for each weight and style. But if I would be able to modify Bubbles with transformation tools that would make the process much easier and faster: for Italic styles I would like to slant all the bubbles alltogether and for now I can only make this manually for every glyph. It would be also great to have possibility of scalling all the bubbles, for example for Black weight to scale them all horizontally by same value. Potentially it might be even usefull to interpolate between extreeme bubbles. So if there would be a way to move the bubble layer to the background or main layer and then back, that would make all of these transformations and re-using