Outline incompatibility reporting broken?

This happens both in the latest stable and latest unstable build:

A glyph (kip) has a decomposed smart component (through a previous master transformation of mine) and isn’t reported as incompatible. The other two layers have the correct smart component.

In Glyphs it does interpolate, tho I don’t understand why. But in fontmake it doesn’t. In my view this is a clearly incompatible glyph. What’s going on here?

Can you send me that file?

Sorry. I’m uploading it here. It’s a OFL font.
Petrona-ROMAN-MASTER-NEW-W.glyphs.zip (172.1 KB)

Steps to reproduce: Open the kip glyph, and decompose the bar in the Regular master. The glyph’s compatibility breaks in my opinion, but Glyphs doesn’t show it, and still interpolates all instances correctly in the Preview bar.

Only once you decompose the bar in either the Thin or the Bold master will Glyphs report the incompatibility.

I had previously replaced the Regular master with the Medium instance, because this is going to be a VF and needs a master and instance to be identical as an origin. I’m guessing that is has to do with that replacement somehow.
I had to recreate the Regular layers for the _part.currencybar and readjust the Smart Component values.

The file has a Disable Master custom parameter in the font. That master is ignored in the compatibly check.

There is a Variable Font Origin for the “Regular”, too. This is not going to work well.