Output Kerning Difference when Comparing Fonts

Continuing the discussion from Output Kerning Difference from "Compare Fonts":

I’d like to suggest a feature to output the difference in kerning when comparing between files like such:



The reason why I’m suggesting this is because we’re having multiple people work on different parts of the kerning, and it would be amazing if you could have the following situation:


Person A creates a new file and works on File_v2-A,
Person B creates a new file and works on File_v2-B,

Then we can compare the difference between File_V2-A and File_V1. And if we could output the difference we can just copy that in to File_v2-B and easily make a File_V3 (understanding it gets tricky when a kerning pair is deleted as you can’t copy a negated kerning pair…). Otherwise right now it’s quite difficult or just impossible to work on kerning at the same time…

Or otherwise, a diff interface for copying kerning in bulk would also be good. Or does someone know a way to do this using git or something?

Tried MergeGlyphs?

Yes, and it doesn’t do what I need. in my example:
I specifically need to work with 3 files and MergeGlyphs doesn’t let me do that. i.e. it also doesn’t let me get the diff between 2 files, and patch a 3rd with that diff
Unless there’s a feature I’m missing?

Merging always works with two files, and it is better that way because otherwise your head explodes. You would have to split the workflow into two double-file mergers. Not possible for your project? Central file on a server, and participants merge into it as they go?

I think my idea of being able to take the kerning difference output from the Compare Fonts to copy into a 3rd file would work okay – granted, deleting kerning pairs would require special attention.