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Hey guys,

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays!

As a newbie I have managed to install Mekkablue Script called “Path Problem Finder” and this is what came up to me.

My questions is the following:

I thought the “Fix Zero Handles” Plugin was going to do all the work? but now I have got these 3 handle issues left? I have search here in the forum but I didn’t find any thread question/response concerning this matter?

If anyone can shed some light on this handle matter, that would be lovely.

I am going to attach some screenshots, like that so you guys can see what I mean by that.

I apologise for being illiterate on Glyphs as I just started working on it.

Thank you all of your time.

I’m not sure what you are expecting to see, but I don’t see anything obviously wrong. Path Problem Finder finds and fixes several problems, and Fix Zero Handles finds and fixes those issues where a handle has been completely retracted onto its node.

Hello George,

Thank you for your response.

These are the remaining problems of the glyphs that were already fixed by the “Fixe Zero Handles” and I have to fix the 26 errors left in order to publish in monotype platform.

I am attaching a screenshot so I can illustrate what I meant by that.

Hi Zachary:

From the look of the list, those will require manual adjustments. If you don’t have the plugin Show Red Arrows installed, I recommend it. It will highlight with a small red arrow many potential issues in a path which will help to find them a lot quicker. If you keep it activated always, you will see these problems as they occur. It is in the Plugin Manager.

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Beautiful! Thank you! I felt it! Like I have to do the rest of the job myself! Thank you so much for your time George!

Keep in mind that some of these issues may not apply to your design. I see that you removed overlaps in at least some of your glyphs, such as the R. That is not necessary for your design file, and will actually make things more complicated for you. So I recommend that in your .glyphs file, you keep the path overlaps, and check the Remove Overlap option in the File > Export > OTF dialog.

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One more thing if I may? I just installed the plugin and it is great! What would be the meaning of an Extremum?

Thank you Mekka! I didn’t know that! Thank you so much for letting me know.

An extremum is the furthest-most node, or apogee, on a curved path, such as on the sides of an /o. They do matter.

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@Zachary “But wait, there’s more!” as the salesmen say.

Since you are new to Glyphs, there are numerous excellent Tutorials under Learn on the Home page menu bar. One such tutorial has to do with drawing good paths for fonts, here:

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Really! Thank you for your time, George! Appreciated very much!