Overlap conflicting shapes

I have a shape that is using a reversed shape to create a counter such as:

However, on export, it is staying exactly like this, as opposed to having the overlap removed. I can make this by clicking the ‘Remove Overlap’ button in the app, however I have multiple instances set at different positions. Ideally I’d like to have this done at export rather than manually intervening. Is this possible?

You can use a script to remove the overlap on selected layers or masters I think.

The Remove Overlap transformation doesn’t actually remove the overlaps, however the version in the transformation panel does! Is there a way to automate/filter apply the transformation panel version?

I will check it when I get back home.

Currently, you need to write your own filter that calls the right code.

Here is the code:

GSPathOperator = NSClassFromString("GSPathOperator")
operator = GSPathOperator.alloc().init()
print operator.removeOverlapPaths_error_(Layer.mutableArrayValueForKey_("paths") , None)
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Code works great, thanks @GeorgSeifert
However, how do I make it as a filter? So then I can call that function on an instance?

This is explained in this repo: https://github.com/schriftgestalt/GlyphsSDK

Perfect, that’s all working, thanks @GeorgSeifert !