Overlapping Nodes are shifted after Export

I am using Glyphs Mini and have some unusual shapes/glyphs I want to create a font with. Take a look at the attached image to better understand what I am up to. This is an exported font screengrabbed inside Illustrator.

As you can see the nodes don’t sit on top of each other, but are shifted by a tiny amount. In Glyphs Mini I did set the grid to zero, because my nodes have decimal positions. When I round the node positions to integers and export thereafter this weird shifting doesn’t occur. Anyone who can help me understand this problem? Thanks in advance.

You mean nodes, not anchors. The problem is that the nodes are stored in their relative position to each other, and that floating point errors will add up to a tiny deviance, if you set the grid to zero. Try leaving the grid step at 1 and setting the subdivision to 10 or 100.

I don’t really understand what you trying to do. Can you send us the .glyphs file (to support [at] this domain)?

I changed the grid to 1 and the subdivision to 100, but see no change after exporting to a font, there are still shifts in the positions. It would be nice to have a rounding function which respects the subdivisons so node positions aren’t rounded to integers but values with one or more decimal values. With subdivision 100 for example it should round to two decimal places.

Nevertheless I changed my workflow and now paste splines into glyphs where the nodes have one or maximum two decimal places - seems to work. The adding up of float value errors was an important information - thank you.

I am not sure what more to explain, I have node positions with decimal values which are sitting at the same spot and want to keep those positions after exporting to a font. As shown in the image this doesn’t work with floating point values but only with truncated ones.

The nodes did not update. Select all glyphs and try Glyph > Round Coordinates.

I did that, too. But it rounds to integers, not to values with two decimal places.

Please send me the file to support at glyphsapp dot com.