Overlapping preview of glyphs with negative valued side-bearings

Hello, Wanted to check if there is a way to preview the masters (interpolated) for characters with negative valued side-bearings—in the panel below?

Not planning to use anchors for this class of glyphs. They will be treated as [right-spacing] characters, negatively spaced/kerned.

That is tricky.

Why don’t you like to use anchors?

(One (a bit hacky) solution would be to increase the left side bearing and kern more.)

Thanks Georg.

I’m following the specs as required by my client. I think there is some issue with anchors breaking in outdated systems where this font is highly likely to be used. Also, right spacing marks like these are quite common in Kannada/Telugu and are often handled without anchors. I’ll try your Kerning suggestion. Think it’ll work as-well.

In general it’ll be really helpful if there is some way this overlap can be tackled. I keep coming across the need for it quite often.

I changed it that it will prevent all overlap in the Show all instances mode.

Fantastic! Thank you so much Georg. Was testing it in Version 2.6.7 . I still see the overlap. Wanted to check if its enabled for this version as-well.

It will only be in Version 3 (and only in the next update).

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Thank you :slight_smile: