Overlapping shapes with open corners

Hello, this is a frequent issue with blackCircled glyphs. Last time, I circumvented it by pulling the vertical point out so far that I didn’t need the open corner, but this time, I’m afraid I need to keep it.

Issue: Using open corners when overlapping shapes doesn’t work, as the screenshot shows.

Is this possible somehow? Thanks!

It’s a pretty kludgy solution, but could you add a rectangle that covers the unwanted triangle, set to “mask”?

This is most likely a path direction problem.
Do you use components? Then make the black shape counter clock wise as usual and the “two” component needs the “reverse” flag set from the properties panel in the sidebar.

The problem is that the component is decomposed when converted to TT, which results in the open corner being closed. So I cannot work with components for blackCircled.

While this visually works, the export still returns the same error (“Can’t convert to compatible TrueTye curves”).

Compatibility is going to be an issue as long as that one straight-to-curve node is inside the open corner in some masters and outside in others, I’d guess.

Can you send me that file?

Sent. Thanks a lot.

I had a look at the file. As the overlaps are inside overlaps that can stay in the “two” but outside overlaps in the blackCircle, the overlapping shape has to be cut off. Is like removing overlap that produces incompatible outlines as there is a line segment visible in the thin masters and that line segment is not there any more in the bolder masters. So that is not possible to export as a variable font. You need to redraw the two without the overlap.