Overlapping strokes appear white in indesign at small enlargement

Hi, this is my first post, thanks for the great app, I’ve been using it for three months now and I’m having a blast.

I am creating a script, mono-line font with the aid of the offset filter, most glyphs have got overlapping segments.
When I export the file for testing in indesign, the overlapping portions within the same glyph show white when previewed small on the screen, while if I zoom in it’s all good, all black. If i create outlines for the text, the problem disappears.
The same issue happens in illustrator.
I did leave “remove overlap” unchecked while exporting.
Am I doing something wrong in glyphs? Or is it a preview issue and should I fix this in the adobe software somehow?

You need to add and “RemoveOverlap” Filter to the instance.

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