Overlay glyphs to compare proportions/widths?

Is there a script or feature that allows glyphs to be overlaid in some sort of transparency to quickly compare or toggle through proportions?

i.e. overlay the /H or /O when drawing other glyphs like the /D in the edit window (or perhaps some other preview window)?

I’m aware of using the background layer but wondered if another option for quicker looks and stepping through glyphs easily with some sort of control glyph overlay.

The “Backdrop” plugin might help. You can get it from the Plugin Manager.

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Nice. That is pretty close, I’ll play with it for a while. Thx.

Also, Show Siblings does something similar.

But you can always add a component of e.g. H into the background of e.g. O.

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That helps too, had forgotten about the Show Siblings plug in. Thx.