Pack up Glyphs files with images

At the moment it seems to be an issue if you want to move a .glyphs e.g. to a dropbox folder, if it contains certain images that are loaded from a different folder?
Whenever I want to open it from another computer, the message says, that it couldn’t load the image xy. Glyphs crashes instantly.

Is there an option/script/whatever to pack up a .glyphs with all images OR perhaps to relocate them?

What version of Glyphs do you have?

Version 1.3.22 (496) on 10.6. Perhaps you’ve received my reports.

can you try to update to the latest beta version? This might be fixed there.

I’d love to, but how? it says it is the newest version (Btw the non-app-store glyphs).

To get beta test versions:
Go to Preferences… (Command-, aka Command-comma).
In the “Updates” tab, make sure “Show cutting edge versions” is checked.

Always work on a copy of your .glyphs file when working with the beta versions of Glyphs. Or, better yet, keep regular backup copies or versioned copies of your .glyphs files.

thank you! excellent. it works (and the feature line numbers do so as well)

still, if moving the image folder for whatever reasons, one has to update the placed images one by one, though.

The paths are stored relatively, so if you store the image files in a folder next to the .glyphs files, you can copy both without loosing the linked images.

thats enough for a smooth workflow. thanks!