Palette Dimensions, numbers to small


I’m working with a macbook pro 13’, most of label are translate in french (os default setting).

Question: The Palette Dimensions: the numbers are very to small to been able to read them. I made some attempt to increase size, but still unable to read it. I can change numbers in the windows, that work. Also Windows ZOOM is unavailable (grey).

Do you have any clue ?

Thank you very much

I am sorry, I cannot reproduce the problem. I set my system language to French, restarted Glyphs in French, but the numbers in the Dimensions palette are still visible & legible:

Palette in French

The size of the numbers displayed is the size of the small system font, just as it is used throughout the whole app, and many other apps.

Besides, window zoom has nothing to do with the size of the font.

I am on a MacBook Air 11" (pretty much same ppi as 13").

Can you post a screenshot how it looks for you?

The zoom is not available if the panel window has the focus.

Thank you, mekkablue and Georg Seifert,

I’m sorry it was a major code18 error, I did’nt understand how this dimension windows work. After entering myself the number, I can see them very clearly.