Parallel handles

Is there any way to make the handles of two selected nodes become parallel with one another?

Can you post a screen shot?

Here it is:
Or these here:

A way would be to use a guideline and move it to each position. Other than that a script, but there is none with this functionality at the moment that I know of.

If it would be an automatic solution, how would it pick the angle. One of the two handles or the average?

Maybe follow the first one you select?

It never occurred to me that this should be a feature before. But I agree that it would be useful, and doing it with a guide is something I do often. I also agree that using first selected guide as the source angle is sensible.

And this should probably work for any number of handles, not just two. I’m not sure that I’ve ever needed to do this with more than two nodes. But I am sure that Murphy’s Law will strike if this feature is limited to two nodes :smile:

In my Glyphs Scripts repository, there is a script Paths > Realign Handles in Current Glyph that does exactly that. Unfortunately, it crashes my Glyphs in El Capitan. Can someone confirm if it still works in 10.10 Yosemite?

Just tested in 10.10 and it crashed.

It crashes in 10.9.5 too. The crash goes away if you change the modifier argument in the moveSelectionWithPoint_withModifier_ calls from 0 to None.

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Should be fixed now.

I just had a look at the script and I think it does something else. The script fixes smooth handles that are not actually collinear. The question was to set a pair of smooth point to have the same angle.


Maybe there could be a way to select the handle and then copy/paste the angle to any other selected handle?

That is a quite specific task. So a custom script is a perfect solution.

Hi, how would you expect this to work? How would the pasted angle apply to the selected handles? Would you expect the handle to keep the same absolute distance to its anchor, or keep its horizontal or its vertical position?

You need two scripts. One that is copying and one that is pastings. I would copy the angle and when pasting keep the length of the handle and rotate it.