Parts of circumflexcomb "swing" in Variable Font

When changing the weight in a variable font (in an HTML test file generated with a mekkablue script), in the circumflexcomb (and in the gravecomb, which uses circumflexcomb as component, flipped over), the two parts of it kinda revolve / swing / tilt around their upper part when I´m changing the weight. Changing of the weight is not happening in the correct way, neither.
This only happens with these 2 particular glyphs, not with e.g. a comma or any other accent.
The circumflexcomb is based on the comma, same points / nodes etc, it is just 2 of them with length and width adjusted.

Here´s a screencast, as it is a bit difficult to describe:

I´ve added a screenshot so you can seen how the glyph is constructed.

All other glyphs behave correctly (even those that have the same foundation, that is, which are based on the comma).

You need to fix the order of shapes. This happens when the paths are compatible but the position changes between masters.

The order of shapes is correct. This was my first thought, too (sorry, didn´t mention), but it was correct from the start.

Ah, then you have to correct path direction in both masters.

Apologies, I wasn´t exporting the ttf correctly, so the HTML didn´t access the current font file (but always the same faulty one).
Still not sure what the error was in the first place, but it was mine in the second :slight_smile:
With the font exported correctly everything seems to go well.
Thanks for your reply, and sorry again!