Paste Foreground/Background Only

There times when I’d like to copy the foreground of glyphs A, B, C…. and paste it into the background of glyphs a b c…. Likewise, I’d like to be able to copy a selection of glyphs and paste only the foreground of the selection into the forground of another selection of glyphs.
Right now if you paste into a glyph with an assigned background using paste special with “Content of active layer” checked it replaces the background of the target glyph with the background of the copied glyph. In essence, It’d be nice if there were options in paste special to paste “only foreground”, “only background” and “paste foreground into background”.
Does anyone know of a good workaround or a script for these kind of tasks?
Thank you.

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I’m kinda surprised there haven’t been any responses to this. Does my description make sense?Does nobody else see a need for a feature like this?

We will think about it. In the meantime, a quick script could do that too.

I like the Paste Special idea and would use it if it existed.

I’m not at the office right now and don’t look into some topics to keep it as unread to not forget it.

Understandable. I just wondered if my request was too specific to my particular need or if others thought it would be useful too. If you like more details about the situatioun in which I’d use this feature, I’d be happy to provide that. Thanks Georg and Rainer!
This might be a good python scripting exercise for me. I’ll see what I can do.

I’d like also to see this feature at the main view as “Paste Paths into Background” of selected glyphs hence playing with the menu: Selection to Background and Swap with Background does assist the sought matter.

I also need this feature…
Does anyone know how to do it [paste paths into foreground without replacing the background]?!

Job for a script, I would say.

Or restore the background with “Assign Background” from a copy of the file.

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I’d also like to see a feature like “Paste Paths into Background” of selected glyphs next to the standard path > background options. Would come in so handy atm…

@mekkablue script, sure… but I see this more as a standard operation. Why not have it in the special paste menu as an option… :thinking:

I’ll put it on my list.

Are are there any upcoming solutions for this issue?