Paste into Background Layer

A time saver would be: “Paste into Background Layer”

  1. Copy O
  2. Go to C
  3. Paste in to background layer

So instead of doing cmd+k and cmd+V you would need to do cmd+opt+shift+V?

I just do cmd+B and cmd+V.

Georg: You mean cmd+B right? cmd+k is something else

Tosche: No, you actually have to do cmd+B and cmd+V and cmd+B (to get back)

Instead of three clicks, it could be one :slight_smile:

You do not need to go into the background and back. I would do:

  1. Copy O
  2. Go to C
  3. Cmd-V (in Foreground)
  4. Cmd-K (or Ctrl-Cmd-K) and start editing

Yes, that is a better way, thanks!