Paste next to cursor

Would it be possible to have a paste next to cursor shortcut (like shift+cmd+V)?
The paste (in place) as a default is fine but as an alternative it might be handy in some occasions.

Paste what? In which tool?

Sorry, apparently it wasn’t that clear. So when you have something copied from within Glyphs (a node, a segment, a component) it is pasted in the same place as the original (x,y coordinates). What I propose is an alternative paste command (and shortcut) that instead of pasting the copied item to its exact original coordinates, it would paste it next to the cursor (or at the cursors coordinates). Does that make more sense now?

It does, and it doesn’t sound like a good idea to officially support it because it’s prone to “out of bounds” error and we will hear complaints about it from people who don’t know what that feature is supposed to do. Also you have no control of exactly where to paste; should the cursor position be considered the centre, bottom left, or some other arbitrary place?

I think this is a specific case and would rather write a script though I don’t know how to read the cursor position.

There was a request like this already. The more stable solution is to paste in the center of the visible area. If that is “hidden” behind an option menu item it is not likely to be invoked by accident.

Hi @Tosche. I think that as an optional paste and not the default one, it would be hard for the user to use it without knowing what it is supposed to do. The “out of bounds” issue could be solved if it never pasted out of the boundaries of the visible area, as Georg says. As for controlling where to paste, there could be a default setting (left x maximum and top y maximum of the pasted object could match the x,y of the cursor) which could perhaps change from the preferences by the user. I have no clue how difficult programming this would be.