Paste Special across MM masters

How can I select a run of glyphs and Paste Special (as composites) to another run of glyphs across an MM, so all axis are pasted?

For example, I have sup figs and I want to paste them as references/composites to subs

Consider a recipe, e.g.:


This inserts the .subs figures as components in the .sinf figures, which you can then proceed to shift with Filter > Transform.

Tried ‘Add Glyphs’ and then
zero.dnom = zerosuperior
but it didn’t work.

Did it all manually – for now :slight_smile:

I don’t see why it can’t just copy and paste as component in Paste Special. Seems a simple thing.
The recipe requires a lot of typing.
so (if I get the recipe to work in Add Glyphs) I presume this is valid for multiples
zerosuperior = zero.subs zero.numr zero.dnom

Should it copy all masters of the selected glyph to each master?
Does it take over any kerns, etc – as can be specified in Paste Special?

Try without the spaces around the equals sign.

Reduce typing: select the glyphs, right click, copy glyph names > one per line, and paste in TextMate or SublimeText or Atom where you can type on multiple lines at the same time. It’s easy and quick. Then paste into Glyph > Add Glyphs.

It puts the components in all masters, yes.

If you run Script > schriftgestalt > Metrics > Set kerning groups with the newly created Glyphs selected, it replicates the Kern Groups as well.