Paste special (active vs all masters)

Guys can Paste Special have a choice for only active master vs all masters?
I just got the metrics of 8 masters screwed thinking I was only copying them in the active one.

Any response on that? Any chance it might be fixed?

That is currently not possible with paste special.

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Perhaps in version 3?

What specifically you are trying to do?

I had two versions of the same file with 8 masters each. But the order of the masters was not identical. I wanted to copy some metrics from one master of one file to the same master of the other file and used paste special. And then it pasted the data in the sequence that they were copied across all masters and not only for the one I wanted. So I ended up having 8 masters with fucked up metrics.
Anyway, I fixed it, but it would be really handy if there was a choice for either the selected master or across all masters.