Paste Special does not work well with multiple masters

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that when I paste information (like side bearings) into a font with more than a master, the information is always pasted on the regular weight and not on the weight that is selected at the moment. Can it be fixed? I think it shouldn’t work that way.
Also: Pasting Special metrics is cause of frequent crashes.


Can you try the cutting edge version that I published an hour ago?

I will, thanks.

I’ve tried it again and the newest version does not paste the information on the selected master but on the lighter one (in my case a regular).

What version do you have?

The latest: Version 2.5b (1065)

The current version of Glyphs continues to paste the data wrongly in the lighter master and not in the one selected. Please fix.

What version do you have. I just tried in the latest cutting edge and it worked fine for me.

What are you doing specifically? Can you send a screenshot of the Paste Special dialog?

It happens when I select a glyph or glyphs from a source font and Paste Special it on a multiple master font using the following settings in the dialogue box:

All data of the glyph is not what you want. Because that includes the master layer info, and then, first layer goes into first layer, second layer into second layer etc.

What you want is the active layer option.

OK, now it works, but I think the interface is confusing. Because if I want to copy is all to the active master ‘All data’ is what I would select and see no reason why this info should go to the lighter master and not the active one.

Maybe we can rephrase it to All Glyph Data or something.