Paste special messes up fontview

I have noticed it earlier, but it is bugging me…

When I do paste special (command-alt-v), the glyphs I pasted move to the bottom of the fontview. And I cannot move them up again. This happens only when ‘All data’ is checked.

version 856

In this case, I copied the inferior numbers from the Roman weight. Numbers are components. But it also happens within a file.

What happens if you run “Update Glyph Info” from the Glyph menu?

That helped me to get the glyphs back in the right place.

I noticed another behavior. When checking the position of the components I copied from the Roman file, I noticed that the components in the Italic file did not have the same horizontal position (x=0, y=0). Some had a negative position, others a positive one.

Can you send me the file.

And why did you used paste special if you copy hole glyphs form on font to the other? That can be done by normal paste.

I am not allowed to send you the file, sorry…

Does normal paste work, when I want to paste from one file to another (in this case roman->italic) with three masters ? I wanted to have the same components, metrics, position etc.

That should work. Can you send me a screenshot of the paste special settings that you used?