Paste Special recommendations

It would be very useful to be able to paste paths into foreground without replacing background [or vice versa]…
Also very convenient would be to be able to copy with anchors, or keep the existing anchors of the target glyphs.

Would speed up workflow a lot!!!

What is your workflow that you need to move outlines around like this all the time.

I set up one Glyphs file with all features & anchors, now I want to insert about 100 fonts into this base file, while keeping anchors & glyph names of target, but keeping RSB & LSB from source…

This is a highly specific workflow, and I would recommend a simple scripting solution. Also consider doing it the other way around. It is easier to copy and paste features, then reduplicate the anchors with a script. But I wonder if that is a good idea because the anchors are likely in the wrong position, because they were not made for that specific design.