Paste Special Suggestion

I think it could be useful when paste special to check/uncheck anchor importing.
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I wrote a script to copy anchors to background for later use paste special and paste the paths and metrics. But paste special also overrides the background.

Any workaround for this?

Hi @GeorgSeifert @mekkablue, could you help me with this? Any idea how to solve it with a script or something? My idea using the background didn’t work.

Thanks in advance, best regards.

What exactly are you trying to do with the script?

My idea was to copy the anchors to background via script, then use paste special to paste contours and metrics and later with other script copy the anchors back to foreground, but I didn’t knew that paste special replaces background too.

Thats why I was thinking that could be useful to check/uncheck anchor importing on paste special.

But my question now is how can I store the anchors to keep it safe when pasting special?

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I really need help on this, any idea?
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What about a separate Anchor Backup layer?

Do you mean create with the script an other layer and use it as a backup hmm. I’ve to check the documentation and give it a try, thanks!

Yeah. The script could delete it again once it is done.

Hey @mekkablue! After your suggestion about creating an Anchor Backup Layer finally I did the script, thank you for this subtle encouragement :smile:

Here the script link if someone need it.