Paste special works only in one Master


I have a file with 4 masters, I need to be able to paste special into some (glyphs), but I can do this ONLY in the first master, but when I use it on 2nd 3rd, or 4th master nothing happens, no matter where I copy from (another file or another master or anything), please advice.

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You can try my Copy Layer to Layer script. Find it in the mekkablue scripts repository on GitHub.

I have installed all your scripts and found the copy Layer, one, and it works thank you very very much

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But now how can I copy from other files/fonts into several masters?

or within the same master/layer? :worried:

The script does that that too

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Does the script copy the “hints” assuming that the metrics checked “on”?

Can you try to use the latest cutting edge version. I changed how it works and it should do what you need.