… doesn’t select what was pasted as it should.

Any chance this could be fixed?

The current behaviour in Glyphs is unlike other applications, and it creates quite a hassle.

Similarly, after deleting something, then undo, I’d expect the selected portion to be restored.

Luckily … it can be re-pasted so anyhow the Redo is not essential .

It cannot be re-pasted if it is not in the clipboard any more.

This is not a fictional problem but something I regularly encounter in my real-world work.

I’m also finding bugs in the undo stack when pasting components or anchors and then undoing. I’ll try to pinpoint exactly what the problem is; it’s happening frequently enough to be frustrating.

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this would be very helpful. The problem is, that undo was most likely broken before that operation (by a previous operation). So you need to try on a different glyph to be sure (because each glyph has its own undo, it should work on others if one breaks).

I’m noticing that an undo in one glyph affects the undo of the same glyph in another master

Not each layer, each glyph has its own undo. So all layers of that glyph share the undo. It is complicated enough like that. E.G. if you change a path in and then add a layer. how to control what undo manager is used for the next undo operation.

One situation undo is not working is when moving a component that has another component attached with auto-align. At least, when I have a combining mark component with another combining mark component attached to it, moving the first won’t undo.

I am more and more realising how much this selection bug is hampering my work.

Another case in point is when I delete something and then undo the deletion the selection is lost. Again, all other applications I have used handle this correctly.

Could the selection be restored after undoing deletion, as well as when redoing paste, please?


Would there be any sense in having the app switch over to the layer in which Undo is having its effect, to be clearer about what is happening? I’m not positive that’s the best solution, but when Undo undoes something in a layer that is not showing, the lack of visual feedback can be confusing.

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Pasting a component is also not undoable.

Can you give a specific example?

Uh, it’s not consistent. I added a component to an empty glyph yesterday, it was the wrong one and I tried undo, but nothing happened. Same thing today and it works. Maybe it depends what’s going on in the other masters, I can’t remember what glyph I was working on.

Hi there, any chance this could be fixed? After Paste-Undo-Redo, the selection is lost.

The selection after Delete-Undo is fixed but not after Paste-Undo-Redo. This is quite frustrating sometimes.

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Hi there, any chance this could be fixed? After Paste-Undo-Redo, the selection is lost.

Fixed selection for Paste-Undo-Redo.

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