Pasting glyphs from Font view

Sorry of this is dumb/covered elsewhere - how do I paste multiple glyphs from one slot to another in the Font view? It seems to add new duplicates of the copied glyphs, not paste them into the existing slots. Thanks.

You don’t want to paste. You want to paste special: Hold down the option key when choosing Edit > Paste, or press Cmd-Opt-V.

If I do that I deselect all but the glyph I’m pasting into.

Ah, got it. Not so easy with a Cintiq.

Problem: It’s pasting into ALL masters, not just the one I’m on.
Is there a way around this?

Basically I’m pasting 0-9 to the denominators, there to be readjusted. I’ve done the light, but now when I paste 0-9 in the medium weight it pastes over the 0-9 I’ve already done in the light.

For the Paste Special (Option-Command-V), deselect All Data. Try using the Content of active layer option. Of course, before pasting, select the medium master.

Thanks, will try.

Was assuming “all data” referred to metrics and kerning.

Yeah, All Data includes the various layers. I was packing up earlier, so wrote a quick reply. So, the steps should include something like:

  1. In the Font View, select the zero to nine glyphs in the layer you want to copy.
  2. Copy those glyphs (Edit > Copy or Command-C).
  3. Switch to the master to copy into, e.g., the medium master.
  4. Select the zero.dnom to nine.dnom glyphs in the Font View.
  5. Edit > Paste Special (Option-Command-V) to paste into the selected glyphs.
    5a. Make sure to select the options Paste to: Selected Glyphs and Content of Active Layer (and any of the other options that you want).
    5b. Press the OK button.

Instead of pre-selecting the .dnom glyphs to paste into, you could also paste into Glyphs with same name which should create glyphs named like zero.001 since zero already exists. Then, rename those new glyphs, appropriately.

Thanks – in the end I did it manually one by one. Sometimes it’s faster to kludge it than find an elegant solution, but I’ll know next time.