Pasting glyphs, kerning not included?

When pasting glyphs from one document to another kerning does not follow.

Is this a bug?

I tried both Paste special and Paste.

I could paste the kerning from the kerning window but in this case, it’s complicated since only a few glyphs are pasted, not the full document.

Is there a better way to do this, or is this a bug?

There is a logical problem that comes with that. Which kerning should follow? Just the kerning exceptions between the letters you are copying? What about group kerning? We cannot expect the group setup to be the same in both fonts just because the group names happen to be the same. And what if it would overwrite existing kerning in the target font? With group kerning, even just adding group kerning pairs would change the existing kerning.

Best shot is that you select the glyphs in the source font, set the kerning window to only show kerning for selected glyphs, and copy the kerning you want to be transferred from there.

Thanks for explaining. I understand. How do you set the kerning window to only show kerning for selected glyphs? I have not see such an option anywhere.

Click on the little magnifying glass symbol.

Wow! That is a great feature – and well hidden too!