… is a phantastic new feature!

However, it does not seem to work when the outline portion was copied from the background? It would be very helpful if this was enabled.


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Hmmm. Cannot reproduce it, i.e., works for me from the background. The algorithm is a little picky about the selection you make (must be continuous on a path, preferably on a different path). And there are exceptions for stuff like immediate copy+paste. Perhaps one of these things kicks in?

I’m afraid I really hate replace-paste. Is there a way to disable it?

Can you try to move the background path before you copy?

Maybe this makes the difference! The behaviour seemes inconcistent to me, I will pay attention to this and see whether it makes a difference.

For adopting contour parts from the background, I have enhanced my Mask to Master script so I will mainly use this instead anyway.

The problem is that if you paste to the exact same position, it will not paste in place. Otherwise you can’t duplicate the contour by copy pasting any more. But it should work if it is between fore and background. I’ll fix this.

I second that, just came across this by accident and was in awe :smile: