„pathfinder“ tool doesn't work exactly

Hi All,

the "pathfinder“ tool doesn’t work exactly.
The option of “addition” does, but not the options “subtraction” and “keep-rest”.
I would say this pathfinder never seemed to work right in all cases, uh? : )


For ht subtraction, you need to select some paths.


if i hit “cmd-a” to select all figurations it won’t work.
But if I doesn’t select anything an then use the pathfinder,
everything is working.

Don’t know but this seem a bit unnatural for me.
I would say the normal way is: „I select this, and now do something here …“


Hi Olma, it could be the path direction.
Correct the path directions in all the shapes (shift+cmd+r) before make the substract or intersect operations.

I tried this, but doesn’t work. But Thanks.

Just to make sure I explained the Problem right, I’ve uploaded the Situation:
Screencast : Glyphs Pathfinder Problem

As I said. For subtraction and intersection, you should only select the circle or the square, not both.

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Now I got it. Thank you very much.