Pattern Preview (Script Help)

I am drawing a tile glyph that can be used as a pattern, and am looking to write a script that I could use to preview the pattern as I am drawing it.

My current work around is typing out a few lines of the glyph and then reducing the line height, but I am interested in writing a script that produces a live preview of the current glyph surrounded by itself.

I was starting to play with @Mark ’s Skedge plugin but I am not quite sure how to set the position of the path I am drawing.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Start with a reporter plugin.
Then you get the layer.completeBezierPath. If you just draw it, you would draw exactly were the default outline would be.
You can “move” a bezierpath with an NSAffineTransform.

transform = NSAffineTransform()
transform.shift(0, 1000)

Does this help?