PC font install issue with exports from Glyphs mini 2.0.2

Ok, so as it stands will all typefaces exported from Mini fail to install on PC, or were my circumstances specific?
If specific, is there something I can change that will prevent the problem reoccurring?

Totally understand updates are difficult to schedule for complex software packages.

So planning ahead on the assumption that the problem is general, if I create any future releases I can export using the trial version of Glyphs until that runs out. After that I would need to buy the full version or wait for the Mini update?

With regards to pricing have you thought of doing a subscription based model?

You can also temporarily downgrade to a previous version where it still worked.

But will the new files open in the old version of the software?

So the current version of Mini does not actually work properly. Therefore, it might be wise to warn all users, as the re-sellers do not check that the typefaces install, so many others may also have typefaces on sale that do not work.

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Do they not?

I just uploaded a new cutting edge version (93) of Glyphs Mini that should fix the issue.

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