Pen Tool and node / point tutorial video


I am super excited about the great features in Glyphs that FontLab doesn’t offer… much of your program is very intuitive but I’m having a hard time moving from my familiarity with Illustrator and FontLab to your pen tool and how your points on a path work.

If someone could put together a short tutorial video explaining all the functionality of these features and some of the possible ways to use them that aren’t as obvious or related to other popular designer software… i think it would be very helpful to your users and probably help your sales.

Love the product… just hope to figure it out better before the trial runs out.

Thank you!

Did you read the manual?

yes thank you… it helped. I’m just a very visual learner and a video would do wonders for me. I think it’s one of your best selling points too… the video would really highlight it.


I have plans to make more videos. As soon as I find some time I do it.