Percent. locl feature hebrew


im creating a hebrew font in according to latin. Latin has the percent symbol and i created a hebrew percent symbol. The problem is that all my other locl.IWR features are working (numbers, punctuation …) except the percent. I am testing in Indesign. I can not find the mistake.

Thanks for your help.

  1. Did you update features?
  2. Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Hi and thanks for your answer. The features are updated, i created an indesign file and i saved it as a package. Never had problems so far. I will try to use Adobe Fonts folder and see if it works.


If you save it as a package, the fonts are packaged too. And the packaged fonts are preferred over the ones you put in the Adobe Fonts see if your font Updates Mackenzie into InDesign, you can do something obvious like put a big circle in a letter. Ignore it does not show in InDesign, you are not testing the right version of your font.

I am exporting my fonts in the fonts folder of the package. I can see the changes i am doing immediatly. While working in glyphs i am exporting the latest version into the package font folder and i can see the changes in indesign. Again, the other locl.IWR features are working except the percent.lolIWR.

Maybe the % is not processed by InDesign because by its Unicode properties, it doesn’t belong to the Hebrew script/language? But the same would be true for the numbers and punctuation.

If the feature code is the same as for the other cases, then it is most likely an Indesign or general OpenType/Unicode problem. Can you test in Chrome?

Thank you. I have a minor technical background, so i am not sure if understand your comment, can you explain it to me a bit more specific? Thank you for that.
Thanks for your advise i will check it later and see if it works.

Each character has properties defined by the Unicode standard, for example its writing direction, the category and writing system it belongs to, and more. The percent sign has the writing system “Common” and the category “Punctuation, other” while e.g. a Hebrew letter belongs to the writing system “Hebrew” (of course) and the category “Letter, other”.

If InDesign decides that a character from the writing system “Common” and the category “Punctuation, other” should not be processed by layout rules that apply to the writing system “Hebrew”, there is basically nothing a font can do about it.

Thank you Jens!
I made a test with the dollar sign and it works. I created a dollar.loclIWR, updated the features and it works perfectly in indesign. The dollar sign has a different unicode category. So i guess i still need to find a solution for my percent character …

I made a test in chrome, im using but its not working either. Is there another way to test in chrome?