Percent sign MM collision for certain instances


The percent and perthousand are colliding in the middle instances for me. I’ve checked the composites and they are ordered the same for each master.

When I generate the files, the Bold produces a collision. We can see that in the preview for the .glyphs file, bold weight is fine.

Happens with Maven Pro

Glyphs Version 2.4.2 (1037)

Hi Mark, I have solved this issue.
Isn’t a problem of glyphs.
Illustrator screenshot from my generated fonts.

Which version of glyphs are you using? and did you generate the fonts from that repository?


I can reproduce the problem. I’ll have a look.

Isn’t a problem on Glyphs app.
This issue was solved
The masters had minor differences of spacing that generated the problem when are extrapolated.
The spaces was adjusted in both masters, see the measurement at midline between fraction bar.

I would suggest to use auto alignment for this. Reduce the width of the fraction to something like 80 or 50 units and fix the component order…