Performance in MacOS Mojave

Having just upgraded to Mojave on both iMac and MacBook Pro, I am finding that zooming in and out and the consequent screen redraw is very slow when compared to the previous OS. Is anyone else noticing the same? I tend to have 100s of glyphs at a time on display in edit mode. Speed was not an issue previously and I note that screen redraw speed increases when I only have a dozen or so glyphs on screen to edit.

*In addition, the drawing process speeds up significantly if I do not “show background”.

**Also… exporting seems to be taking a lot longer too, even for a slight edit and re-export, the time taken is considerably longer than in the previous MacOS with Glyphs 2.5.2 (1167).

*** Finally, I think, the Open Recent menu no longer logs recently opened files.

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I see that too. It seems caused by code from Apple.

Thanks for acknowledging, Georg. I’m sorry that Apple added to your “to-do list”.

We have received reports from other users. Someone found that disabling certain plug-ins worked for them. Please try for yourself and report back in this thread if you found the culprit. Thank you in advance

Okay, Rainer, I can report that I had 5 plugins installed:

  1. Stem Thickness
  2. Show Next Font
  3. Smart Plumblines
  4. RMX Tools
  5. SuperTool

After deleting one by one and testing and reinstalling, I can report that the problem for me seems to lie with SuperTool (by Simon Cozens). With SuperTool removed and the other 4 restored, screen redraw speeds are much improved and there were no missing/white areas on edit pages when scooting around a set of glyphs.

However, exporting still takes much longer than expected and my MBPro’s fans ramp up to max during the export process. The “Open Recent” menu is also still blank.

The above tests are with Glyphs 2.5.2 (1167). I have just updated to (1168) and the export issue persists, as does the recent items menu.

Thanks for your time on this, it’s greatly appreciated.

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Cc @SimonC

Show Angled Handles plugin makes Glyphs extremely slow on my computer. It is a pity as I use this plugin a lot.

Haven’t yet updated to Mojave. Will probably do so next week. Then I’ll take care of it. Perhaps I can rewrite it in ObjC.

For now, try disabling the options you do not need in the context menu. Perhaps this helps a little.

Can you try the latest version?

Superb, Georg, I think you’ve cracked it! I am working on a 2017 5k iMac and yesterday it was very sluggish. Today with Glyphs 2.5.2 (1171) it is back to warp speed. Thank you so much.

I’ve only played for 10 minutes or so and the only plugin installed is RMX Tools, but I am much happier working now.

Genius! :+1:


Show Angled Handles works much faster now (1171), nevertheless I can notice certain slowdown when I turn it on. Thanks!

It is doing a lot calculations, so they take some time…

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I am thinking about rewriting Show Angled Handles in Objective C, but that is not going to happen quickly.

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If you only need to find angled handles (not duplicate paths or flat curves), the latest version of RedArrow detects them as well.


After the fix the plugin should not be slower than before in 10.13 and below.

Oops, didn’t see this. @paulogoode, are you still having problems with this? It’s plenty quick for me but I may not be using Glyphs quite as heavily as you are.

If it’s still a problem, could you let me know more details: i.e. is it still a problem with SuperTool installed but not active (using the normal select tool)? Are there particular operations that are slow? I can also send you the latest build to see if that helps.

Thanks, Simon, I haven’t re-installed it to check and won’t have time to for a while now. Maybe someone else can jump in and test, but it does appear that Georg put the rockets back into Glyphs with the most recent version, so I imagine SuperTool will be fine too now.

I just upgraded my old Air to Mojave and will have a look tomorrow.

Does Mojave feel stable enough in general to upgrade—any other noticeable fixes still needed in Glyphs (seems like it’s mostly worked out)? Anyone notice any issues with any Adobe apps?

A couple of days ago I upgraded my old MacBook Air to Mojave and have been using Glyphs and InDesign CC 2019 without any issues so far. The only thing I couldn’t get to work anymore was VMWare Fusion.

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