Performance Issues Version 2.5b (1088)

I am experiencing serious performance issues with sampling text in Glyphs.

Anything more than 5-8 rows is starting to lag like mad. Have anything changed on the backend?

And in the latest betas? 1096 for instance?

Can you send me the .glyphs file and a screenshot on the full layout. And what reporter plugin do you have active?

Haven’t tried the newer betas, because I see people have some issues on the forums.

It is not file specific. When I paste a color grid it totally gets bogged down. I think you can try it with any grid.

What do you mean by color grid?

glyphs from a to z separated by space, repeated on the next line starting from b to a and so on to create a grid

The edit view is not made to be able to handle more than 1 kB of text. I recommend using Indesign or the TextPreview app for that.

Sounds about right where the problem comes from.
But it did handle such texts just fine a few versions before. Did you change anything?
Right now Glyphs cant preview much anything. 10 Lines of text and it is dead in the water.

Could you send me the .glyphs file? And what reporter plugins do you have active?

It has never been a good idea to have a lot of text in the edit view. For long texts, we have always been recommending the Adobe Fonts folder.

Do you have the Preview area at the bottom open? That slows it down significantly because the font in there is constantly regenerated on the fly for all glyphs visible.

The other factor, as Georg mentioned, are Python plugins.

But if you see worse performance than in an older version, I need to investigate.