Performance when tracing an image


So I feel like this issue has been around for a while, but i’ve not seen any solutions for it. Whenever there is an image placed in the background (so that i can use the pen tool over a sketch) the performance is terrible. When “show image” is ticked:

  • moving points is really choppy
  • adjusting curves is really laggy
  • Undo is laggy
    It’s so bad to the point that i’ll do my initial tracing in illustrator and then copy paste into glyphs, which is not ideal at all.
    Ive tried different image sizes and formats (is there a certain pixel dimension i should be using?)

For context im using a 2019 MBP 16 inch, so a pretty powerful machine.

Any help or tips would be great.


How big are those images?
Can you send me a .glyphs file and an image that I can run some tests?

Do you use plugins? Maybe start the app with the Option and Shift key pressed. That disabled all plugins.

Cool so I started without plugins, which seems to have no effect.

One thing I did notice is the performance seems linked to the refresh rate of the monitor (when theres an image placed. On my 60hz screen its really choppy. on my 144hz screen its still prettty smooth.

Also, zooming in makes the performance worse. If i zoom right out the performance gets better.

File attached for you to take a look at.

PerformanceTest_01.glyphs (6.6 KB)

Can you also send me one of the images?

Oh yeh sorry i thought it embedded in the glyphs file.
It’s a tiny jpeg ( I kept it intentially small to try and avoid slowdown )

Image 11

Thanks for the report. I had another look at it and found a promising approach. Hopefully it works out.