.pfa version mismatch

Got a message from printing engineer. They receive documents with one of my font family embedded (non-outlined) and for some reason few of the weights “have different .pfa coding”. Working ones (most of them) have version 1334, while 4/12 have version 1347.

Printer asked me to provide working versions but:

  • How do you even do that?
  • How can I check the version myself?
  • How did this mismatch even happen considering I exported everything simultaneously?

(removed files)

Black Italic is 1334 (works) while Black is 1347 (doesn’t work).

Those numbers refer to the number of glyphs in your font, but that has nothing to do with the encoding, much less with the .pfa file format. Perhaps the software they use cannot handle fonts with more than 1335 glyphs? Seems strange to me though.

It seems that Rainer is right.

But can you send me the .glyphs file or the temp folder from the export?