Pi and squared symbols?

Hi, I’m using Glyphs 2.2 and I can’t find either a pi π or squared (to the power of 2) glyph… Is it possible to make these? I would have though they were in the Symbols > Maths tab.
If not is there a way to create a new glyph and assign a keyboard short cut to type it? e.g. alt + p for π ?

Sorry in writing the question I think I cleared it up for myself. I opened a font I know has those symbols into Glyphs and took the code that’s on the bottom of the symbol and applied it to a new glyph.
For anyone interested squared = “twosuperior” and π = “pi”.

You can add any glyph you like. Look in Window > Glyph Info for a predefined list of glyph names, or look into the sidebar of your Font tab. There are many ways to add glyphs: