Pictogram font: List of Ligatures and their "result"

[not a type designer!]
Sorry if this is obvious, I swear I tried googling before posting here.

I made a pictogram font using the standard ligature feature for my wayfinding project. Typing (wheelchair) gives me the wheelchair pictogram and so on. Now I have to give my client this font, so they can use during maintenance, so I would like to generate a list of what they have to type in order to get the desired pictogram for all the ligatures available in my font. (There are about 500 of them!). Is there a way to do this automagically?

The names of the pictograms are like “w_h_e_e_l_c_h_a_i_r.liga”, right?
Then you can copy the name of all ligatures into a text editor. In font view Select them and right click > Copy Glyphs names > One Per Line. Then search and replace all underscores and everything you don’t need.


thanks! I thought there was an automatic way… but find and replace will work too!