Pixel font creation


I’m trying to construct a pixel font using the same technique shown in the instructional videos on Vimeo.

1. After constructing the shape of a letter by only using the component-based pixel, I’m having trouble figuring out how to make the components into a unified path.

2-3. If I decompose the components and try to remove the overlap, I end up with paths resembling a fraction of the intended shape of the letter.

4. Exporting the font with the remove overlay option turned off generates a font divided into separate “pixels” clearly showing the grid it is based upon.


All help greatly appreciated!

Decomposition is done automatically at export time. You do not need to do it automatically. Just make sure that your original pixel has the right path direction (Cmd-Shift-R) and that the Remove Overlap option is set at export time.

There was a bug in the remove overlap code that could only handle a certain count of paths.

There are two ways to solve the problem.

  1. select some paths and remove the overlap for that part, repeat with that until the hole paths is only one shape.
  2. build bigger components. Use components that have 22 and 44 pixels. This reduces the number so that the remove overlap on export will work.