Placeholders and previous/next glyph bug

Is the bug that causes placeholders to not stay in sync with layer changes and the previous/next glyphs buttons ever going to get fixed?

Any chance of this being fixed in 1.3.19? It’s been broken for a while now.

The first bug would involve a bigger rewrite of the layout code.

And can you give me a hint what you mean by “previous/next glyphs buttons”?

I think he means Fn+Left/Right. When you have a placeholder somewhere, it can get out of sync:

  1. Type “AB”
  2. Move cursor between A and B, add a placeholder (cmd-opt-shift-P)
  3. Now the cursor is in front of the B, the placeholder also shows a B
  4. Now hit Fn-Left, and the placeholder gets out of sync (still shows a B while the current letter has become an A).

Clicking to place the cursor resets the placeholder again.

Thanks. This is the same problem. I will need to think about how to solve this.

That’s exactly the bug I was talking about. I think it was introduced in 1.3.16, but I might be wrong. It’s been a while.

You are right. It did work in 1.3.15. Only some optimizations made the bug visible.

Hello Georg, next/previous with place holder still out of sync. (Version 1.3.19 (485)). But that not all, on my MacBook Pro, fn+arrows works, but in a MacPro with extended Apple Keyboard Pro, Home/End key do not seem to change previous/next glyphs, only on MacBook.

Hope this gets solved soon.

Regards, JC

I do not have a extended keyboard to check right now, but as far as I know it is not home/end but scroll to beginning/end. Just try all of the keys. One pair should do it.