Please add a currency category to metrics

After some stumbling I’ve started using the Glyphs 3 metrics. I’ve got one set up for the height of my regular figures that don’t reach the caps height. I would like that metric to display with my currency symbols. My currency symbols are the same height as my figures, not the same height as other symbols that reach the cap height. So if I add symbols to my numbers metric that metric also shows up in characters like † and @ which do not share the height of numbers. Please add a category for currency.

(I apologize for complaining about the Glyphs 3 metrics in the past. They’re actually a great feature.)

Hm, I tried using tags for currency glyphs, but the custom scope filter is discarded once I press OK:

… press OK and open again:

Also, I can not add just a custom scope, I have to define a non-custom scope first.

I fixed it that the Subcategory filter will contain the correct values.