Plug-in for adobe software

It would be please if we could have a plug - in whom adds a window in the software Adobe. In this window we would need an interface of classification of cast irons and one predisplays(previsualizations) of these as well as a button to import new polices.

I don’t understand what the plugin should do. And I have no experience with Adobe plugins. So I can’t help you with this.

Changing a font “live” – while it’s actually in use by Adobe software, or even worse, the system, or any other program, for that matter – is a spectacularly bad idea.

The Mac might even get confused if you create a font, install it to test, de-install it to change, and then re-install. A lot of font operations are cached by the system, to speed up common operations such as rasterizing.


This is not entirely true. If you use the Adobe Fonts folder the system caches are not involved and InDesign deals nicely with it (it reloads the font in the layout a few seconds after you changed them)

I export my fonts into the Adobe Font folder all the time and so you can use Glyphs or even FontLab nearly as if they were “plugins” of Indesign. I sometimes regenerate the fonts for each kerning pair I change.

Cool. So the Adobe packages seem to handle fonts rationally – that’s a first!

So you think this’s a viable workflow, to test font looks en masse? (At least, for Adobe programs!)

I have sometimes hundreds fonts in the Adobe Font folder…