Plugin Alias Folder

I read in a changeLog, that Plugins can now read from an Alias Folder (like Scripts can). I cannot make this work though. Would love to have this working (especially with an Alias referring to a folder on the DropBox if possible). With several machines and different distribution directions it can get incredibly messy to keep on track of versions. (And I am aware of diffing and Git, etc.) : )

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Not an alias folder, put an alias to the plugin itself in the plugin folder.

I see. Super nice. I can make it work even with the original Plugin located on the DropBox. Great feature :smile:

This will help me keep my plugins up-to-date on various machines too. thanks

I suggest to keep the plugins in there git repo folders. You can set them up on all of you machines and it sync quite well, too.

That is an option, but I won’t have all of my plugins on GitHub eventually. This Alias-Thing is pretty slick :slight_smile: