Plugin feedback wanted: Always center editor on selecting a Glyph

Hey folks,

I’ve put together a very simple plugin to deal with one thing that’s always annoyed me in the Editor view. When you are zoomed in to edit a glyph, but then select another glyph by double-clicking it in the bottom preview row that glyph can be far out of sight, especially when it might jump to the next row and you’re zoomed in to 100o pt.

The plugin I wrote simply always zooms and centers the selected editor glyph into view, up close to fill the screen. When you then work on the glyph you can zoom and pan around as wanted. Again when switching to another glyph the view is zoomed and centered. (Would it be more useful to just keep the current zoom factor instead, but only re-center the view?)

Since I’ve only tested and tweaked the plugin in my own workflow there might still be some issues to resolve before adding it to the registry - if it appears anybody else is even missing this kind of automatic functionality. For those of you interested, please feel free to download and install the latest version, or check out the code. After installing, select “Glyph > Center Glyph Editor” and it is turned on in editor tabs.

I’d be curious especially if the zoom level it automatically jumps to is appropriate for you and the fonts you work on, or is there clipping or too much white space.

Also, if any code wizards around know of a way to make the event listener react with less delay I’d be curious to learn how :grin:


That the edit is not entered on the current glyph when selected from the preview is actually a bug. It is supposed to do that. I’ll fix it.

Moving the edit view around, like trying to keep the selected nodes visible when switching masters, annoyed quite some users.

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