Plugin for viewing axes

I recall seeing a free plugin to basically animate along axes for glyphs app but can’t find it anymore?

Mark‘s plugin is not free.

The variable font test html script is free.

I’m aware of Mark’s script. I recall seeing a very simple interface for just animating through the axes. A bit like Tosche’s instance slider script but just automated

I had the OTVar player, but it only animates the first axis.

Ahh thank you that one’s good enough for my purposes!

Is there any way to animate 2 axis on a variable font inside Glyphs? @mekkablue i tried your plugin but as you said it’s only animate the first axis, I am switching the order of axis in Font Info to preview each one in insolation. Would be nice to see how both animates :slight_smile:


Animation? Better export and drag into Font Gauntlet on abcDinamo’s Darkroom page. Way more sophisticated than what I could ever do inside Glyphs in terms of animation.